If you are a Johnson County resident or business, you must use the Iowa City Landfill. Visit their website here.



Garbage in Iowa County

We accept garbage from residents and businesses operating in Iowa County. There is a $15 minimum charge for loads weighing less than 400 lbs. All other loads of garbage are $70/ton.


Garbage from Outside Iowa County

Garbage from out of Iowa County is $105/ton. To accept garbage from outside of Iowa County, businesses must comply with Iowa's waste flow regulations. Click here for more information, or call us to find out if we will accept your garbage. If you need to complete waste flow documentation, contact Alicia Presto from the East Central Iowa Council of Governments at alicia.presto@ecicog.org or (319) 289-0058.


Tree, Brush, and Yard Waste

Tree and brush waste is $70/ton. We do not accept yard waste like grass, leaves, landscaping, or garden plants. Yard waste is banned from disposal in Iowa landfills. We only accept yard waste from Amana residents for $70/ton.


Furniture and Household Items

We accept furniture and other household items for $70/ton. Mattresses are $4/each. Before disposing of usable furniture and household items, please consider selling or donating to save money on disposal and reduce waste in Iowa County.