If you are a Johnson County resident or business, you must use the Iowa City Landfill. Visit their website here.


Commission Information and Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

The Iowa County Landfill is managed by the Regional Environmental Improvement Commission (REIC) of Iowa County, which is an organization of communities in Iowa County. Commission membership includes Ladora, Marengo, Millersburg, North English, Parnell, Williamsburg, and unincorporated areas of Iowa County. The landfill is supported financially by a per capita fee and rates paid for waste disposal and recycling services at the landfill.

Commission Members

Each member city appoints one representative. The Board of Health appoints one representative. The Board of Supervisors appoints six representatives.


Commission Members

Ladora: Brian Ward

Marengo: Adam Rabe

Millersburg: Earle Hall

North English: Jim Reinhart

Parnell: Jamie Abernathy

Williamsburg: Tyler Marshall

Appointed by Board of Supervisors: John Gahring, Alan Schumacher, Gary Boland, Dale Faas, Ethan Morford, and one vacancy

Appointed by Board of Health: Garret Hlubek Dozark



Chairperson: John Gahring

Vice Chairperson: Jim Reinhart

Treasurer: Adam Rabe

Secretary: Tyler Marshall


Executive Board

John Gahring, Jim Reinhart, Dale Faas, and Ethan Morford



The Commission meets five times annually unless a special meeting is necessary. See agendas below.

Unofficial meeting minutes are available below. Official minutes are published in The Hometown Current.

For older agendas and minutes or meeting documents, please contact the landfill.